Background of American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio

People say that dreams can’t be achieved…. but the Osorio Brothers are proof that they can. Francisco (Pancho), Leoncio Enrique (Leo) and Roberto Carlos (Rob) are three brothers that continue to live the dream of owning a Circus.

Their father Herminio Osorio and mother Rosabelia Osorio retired from the family business – ‘Circo Osorio Mexico’ – to bring these brothers to the United Sates to achieve their dreams. Like all immigrant families, they started with nothing when they first arrived in the U.S. Herminio and Rosabelia wished for their children to become successful Doctors and Lawyers; but with the love and passion for circus in their blood, they decided to continue in the family business and open their own “Circus”.

They started out small; working for other shows and parks such as Carson and Barnes, Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, Knott’s Berry Park, CA, and even Busch Gardens, FL. They were given their big break when Mark Mcguire, the director at Circus Circus Reno, saw their ‘Highwire’ act. He was interested and loved the act, so he brought them to Circus Circus Reno and Circus Circus Las Vegas.

Once their career was over, they knew that it was still important to keep the dream alive. They decided to open their own show, ‘American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio USA. Their first tour lasted only 10 days around the Vegas Valley. With the hard work and determination that their parents taught them; they were soon touring for over 45 weeks to thousands of people each year.

American Crown Circus, Inc. & Circo Osorio Circus is proof that dreams are still alive and thriving if you choose to live them.


For many generations the Osorio Family has been present in our culture, being a symbol of great entertainment with friends and family. When you visit the American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio, you become part of our history, a history that is written at every show we present to you. Thank you for being part of our history.

Circo Osorio 1927

1927 Great Grandfather Osorio started the orginal Circo Osorio in Mexico with his son. Grandfather Jesus Osorio Sr.& Maria Dolores Garza, Hermino (brothers father), Artemno, Jesus (Choya), Gloria, Lola, Dorita, Rosa and Mayola Osorio

American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio 1997

After travelling with several circuses, the Osorio Brothers finally decided to make their last stop Circus Circus Las Vegas. Finally achieving the dream of opening their very own circus; American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio.

American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio 2017

The Osorio Brothers continued to follow their dreams. 2017 brought major changes to the Circus; a new tent and new territories as they expanded into Canada. Reaching their milestone of entertaining audiences in 3 different countries; U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio 2020

What is in store for the American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio?
New adventures, new opportunities, and new memories to be shared. We continue to entertain and create memorable experiences as we bring our Circus to communities and communities to our Circus while still honoring our past and looking forward to our future.